Who Am I?

My Name is Ritesh Kanjee.

  • Founder of Augmented Startups - AI/AR School
  • YouTuber - 68k+ Subscribers
  • Masters in Electronic Engineering (M.Eng)



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Have you ever felt like you are...

  • Wasting your time...um maybe debugging?
  • Studying the wrong things
  • And generally struggling to get started with AI, AR & Computer Vision

 So, when the AI & AR revolution started to trend, I was really excited by the possibilities and I was really looking forward to creating new apps to solve the worlds problems. 

 Problem was, that AI and Computer Vision algorithms was at the time extremely confusing for me. I tried my best to figure things out while also not spending too much time with the math and various programming syntax.

 Don't get me wrong, even though I have a Masters Degree in Engineering, doesn't make me an automatic mathematician and expert software developer. 

Eventually... after a lot of countless hours and sleepless nights... I was able to figure things out, like the tools, new development environments, libraries and API's etc. 

You can say that I have developed the intuition and expertise in this error during my years of studying and research. 

 I thought to myself, if I had a challenging time figuring this out, then there must be others out there who are also struggling and who may or may not have a degree, that would like to apply these exciting new technologies

 So now I spend my time teaching students, entrepreneurs, hobbyist and researchers how to apply practically AI, AR and Computer Vision in the fastest way possible! My Online School now hosts over 46’000 students and my YouTube Channel is active with over 63K subscribers.

What most computer vision and deep learning courses and textbooks tell you simply isn’t true:

  • You don’t need complicate theory.
  • You don’t need pages of complex math equations.
  • And you certainly don’t need a degree in computer science or mathematics.

Are you need is basic programming experience and a willingness to learn.

Now, don’t get me wrong — having a degree in engineering, computer science or mathematics won’t hurt anything.

And yes, there is a time and place for theory — but it’s certainly not when you’re first getting started. 

You can benefit from my expertise in the following:

Artificial Intelligence

  • Object Detection
  • Instance Segmentation
  • Pose Estimation 

Augmented Reality

  • Vuforia In Unity
  • IoT with AR
  • ARCore

Computer Vision

  • OpenCV4Unity
  • Practical CV Apps
  • Face Detection