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Augmented Startups - Computer Vision and AI Podcast

Augmented Startups - Computer Vision and AI Podcast

Hosted by: Ritesh Kanjee

Talk about AI, Computer Vision and Augmented Reality

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Deep Learning Crowd Podcast

Yesterday we had the pleasure of filming with Ritesh Kanjee for the latest episode of the 'Deep Learning Crowd' podcast. Yes filming! I am super excited to release this one next week. Ritesh will be sharing his...
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Dark Data! - What You Need To Know.

Lavina Ramkissoon interviewed me on along the lines of Data Policies, Dark Data and what it entails. Watch our debate on this topic of Data, Privacy, Data Value and should data should die.
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OpenCV AI Kit OAK-D Lite Kickstarter - Interview Ritesh Kanjee

I was Interviewed by Luxonis CEO Brandon Gilles in light of their brand new OAK-D Lite Kickstarter Campaign. The OpenCV AI Kit is a portable and flexible 4K camera .. powered by AI for vast computer visions applications
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Interview with Roboflow CEO Joseph Nelson - Making Computer Vision Easier

Interview with Roboflow CEO Joseph Nelson who tells us about his journey through computer vision and how they made the whole CV workflow much more simpler through the Roboflow Platform.
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OpenCV AI Kit Interview with CEO Brandon Gilles | OAK-1 and OAK-D

Im not sure if you have heard about the OpenCV AI Kit or OAK devices that have taken Kickstarter by storm! We'll if not these kits have achieved over $1'200'000 on Kickstarter which is phenomenal considering their...
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Interview of Satya Mallick CEO of OpenCV

So I got on an interview with Satya Mallick and we discussed the 20th Anniversary of OpenCV, OAK Kits. Watch this podcast to learn about awesome upcoming developments coming to OpenCV. ►YOLOv4 AI Course -...
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