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AI Fundamentals

Master AI's essentials: Machine Learning, Neural Networks, OpenCV. Build your foundation in the AI landscape.

Computer Vision

Explore real-time detection, tracking with YOLOv7, v8, NAS. Create 100+ innovative Computer Vision applications.


Develop industry-specific intelligent chatbots using cutting-edge AI, like ChatGPT and LLaMa Models for versatile interactions.


Human Body Analysis on Drone, Skeleton Tracking, 2D/3D Models, SLAM, ROS.Raspberry Pi & IoT integration.

Autonomous Cars

ADAS Simulation in ROS & Jetson Nano Self-Driving Car,  Optimized Models. on-device Intelligence.

Large Language Models

Deploying LLM's in Agriculture, Trading, Chatbots, and other industrial AI applications.





Beginner to Advanced Artificial Intelligence Courses

From AI fundamentals to advanced applications, our courses cover Machine Learning, Computer Vision, intelligent ChatBots, Robotics, Autonomous Cars, and Large Language Model deployments, equipping you with cutting-edge skills for diverse industries.


AI In Agriculture

Revolutionize agriculture with AI. Explore the fusion of technologies like LLMs, Computer Vision, IoT and even Blockchain for sustainable farming. Elevate your agricultural practices!


LangChain Chatbots

This course explores LangChain and chatbots, leading to a practical exploration of diverse LangChain applications for  intelligent chatbot implementation.



YOLO-NAS brings forth novel enhancements in Computer Vision to enhance performance and adaptability. It can be employed for various tasks such as object detection & pose estimation 


Jetson Edge-AI

The Nvidia Jetson is a popular and portable device for Computer Vision. Learn how to run and train AI Models in real-time using TensorRT & DeepStream SDK and Build 5+ Apps. 


AI Self-Driving Car

Autonomous vehicles are on the rise, & so is the demand for self-driving car Engineers. In this course, we will learn the theory about vehicle automation and build our own using a Jetbot.


Computer Vision Lite

Get started in the world of Computer Vision. This series of FREE Courses where you will learn about Computer Vision, Object Detection, and Segmentation. This is the lite version of Computer Vision PRO

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Think of the App Store but for AI projects. Packed with code, video tutorials, trained models, and datasets which you can as a starting point for your own projects.

YOLO Pose Push-up Detection

Learn the fundamentals of YOLOv7 Pose Estimation for Push-up Detection.

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YOLO Real-Time Mask Detection

Real-time Mask Detection and location display using YOLOR Framework
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YOLO Real-Time Car Trajectory 

Real-time Car Trajectory using YOLOR Framework for speed estimation.

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YOLO Live Intrusion Detection

Real-time Intrusion Detection using YOLOR Framework
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YOLO Drowsiness Detection

Real-time Drowsiness Detection using YOLOR Framework

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Object Blurring using AS-One

Unlock the potential of AI-powered object blurring the cuttingedge AS-One library

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YOLO Parking Space Detection

Parking Space Detection and location display using YOLOR Framework
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YOLO Object Detection on Video

Run YOLOv6 On Google Colab - It works on Images, Video and Webcam

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YOLO Pose Fall Detection

Learn the fundamentals of YOLOv7 Pose Estimation for Fall Detection.

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