Welcome to the Project E.D.I.T.H. AI Course

Project E.D.I.T.H. is a course that is designed to teach you Artificial Intelligence by prototyping the AI Smart Glasses that Tony Stark handed down to Peter Parker. Put your self in the shoes of a superhero as we prototype Stark-Tech.

There are 7 Phases that teach you how to build the AI behind the E.D.I.T.H. Glasses. Let's take a look at all the Phases and what you will learn in this course:


Phase 1 - Face Detection

Learn the the essentials of Project E.D.I.T.H., Here we start with face detection to recognize one face and display the face identification.

Phase 2 - Facial Recognition

Multiple Face Recognition is one of the key functionalities that we seen in Far from Home. We will working in Unity and OpenCV to be able to identify various faces.

Phase 3 - Object Detection

We want to scan for objects and for the AI to tell us what we are looking at, this can be achieved with either a MobileNet Object Detection or a TensorFlow Image Classifier

Phase 4 - AI Voice Assistant

In this phase we can implement Voice Commands similar to Google Assistant or Alexa to execute a drone strike…Just kidding, to scan for objects and faces or interact with a design interface.

Phase 5 - AI + IoT + AR

The IoT Solution – So this entails switching on/off our IoT devices and giving us visual feedback on our device if possible.

Phase 6 - AI on Android

Having all this power on a gaming PC is really nice, but we will need eventually make it mobile. This lecture will teach you how to port your AI Object Detection models for inference on a mobile device.

Phase 7 - AI on Smart Glasses

[Upcoming] Once we have it running on mobile devices, can we turn it into wearable tech such as the nReal or Project North Star smart glasses. This is the platform where we can test and develop our EDITH AI Smart Glasses. To be future proof, we will be releasing this module when Apple release their AR Glasses, hopefully in 2023.

Object Detection

Face Detection

Pose Estimation

AI on Android

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Ritesh Kanjee 

I am the founder of Augmented Startups and I also hold a Masters Degree in Electronic Engineering. With over 64'000+ students on Augmented AI Bootcamp and over 100'000+ subscribers on YouTube, I teach the latest topics on Artificial Intelligence and Augmented Reality. I will be your mentor by helping you build or grow your expertise, I look forward to having you!


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