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My Story

As an entrepreneur, you know the struggle is real. You're stuck between running your company and creating engaging content for your social media, articles, and emails. I've been there too.


I used to write everything myself, but it was a massive time-suck. So, I outsourced. But finding the right writers who understood my business values and message wasn't easy. And when I did, they came with a hefty price tag - $50 per 700-word content piece!


Let's do the math. If I wanted to produce 20 emails and 20 articles per month, that's a whopping $2000 per month. Ouch! That's a lot of money for any business owner.

Enter AI

You're probably wondering, "Why not use AI?" Well, I've tried.


I've been testing AI-generated content since the advent of GPT-3, but the results fell short of my standards. It took multiple iterations and manual editing to get it right, which defeated the purpose of saving time.


Even with GPT-4o, it's still not perfect. Using a chat interface like ChatGPT slowed me down significantly. I had to reenter prompts, copy and paste, find images, and publish - a time-consuming and labor-intensive process.


I knew there had to be a better, more efficient way to create high-quality content without breaking the bank or sacrificing my sanity.


The Search

In my quest for a solution, I explored various AI copy-generation services, but most required a monthly subscription. The problem was, they didn't adapt to my specific needs. They could produce decent content, but at a steep price - $39/month for Jasper, $36/month for CopyAI, and so on.


I tried these platforms, but they didn't save me much time. My specific scenario - publishing on Kajabi, LinkedIn, and Medium - was a major hurdle. None of these AI tools could cater to my multi-platform needs.


As a result, I was stuck uploading and publishing content manually, which defeated the purpose of using these platforms. To make matters worse, I faced additional constraints: limited LLM options, data privacy concerns, manual image insertion, manual CTA links, and no web search options on some platforms.


So I decided to create my own app, tailored to my exact needs and workflow.


The Solution

Enter the 

Augmented AI Content Creation App

A fully customizable Python app that allows you to use just about any LLM that you can deploy for your company.

Check out all of the features of the app.

  1. Generate content using any LLM. We've integrated:
    • OpenAI GPT-4o
    • Gemini 1.5 Pro
    • Claude 3 Opus¬†
    • Cohere R+
    • Groq Llama-3 70B
    • Ollama Local Models
  2. RAG using EmbedChain - Generate content using:
    • Documents
    • Web Results
    • YouTube Videos
    • CSV
    • Databases
  3. Word Count Slider
  4. Content Editor via Markdown
  5. Google Web search using SerpAPI
  6. Automatic image search & insertion from:
    • Google
    • Unsplash¬†
    • Pexels
  7. Review images with GPT-4o Vision
  8. Embed call-to-action link to keywords
    • You can link unlimited keywords
  9. LLM temperature control via slider
  10. Easy prompt management and logging
    • Input¬†Prompt
    • Format Prompt¬†
  11. Automated upload to social platform
    • Medium article upload via API
    • Automated LinkedIn & Kajabi upload PyAutoGui &/or Selenium
  12. PyQt user interface
  13. Article spinner for deploying to other platforms 
  14. SEO analyzer & checker (Coming Soon)
  15. Everything is customizable via Python
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What do industry leaders say about us?

Constantin Shafranski

Data Scientist at Cognyte

As someone who has not yet dealt with image segmentation, I found this course to be quite helpful. It emphasizes the background theory appropriately, which I believe is quite crucial to get some idea of the topic and not "dive" straight into the coding part without actually understanding how things should operate. In addition, the course is designed in such a way that even someone who is not an expert AI coder may follow along without wondering "what the F* is going on here?". The instructions are clear, and the information is well-organized. A lot of the information regarding the entire process of building and preprocessing a custom dataset is also applicable to a variety of different tasks in the image domain, thus the course is also a very valuable source of reference.


Christopher Berry

Data Scientist at Alfred Health

You won't find courses with higher quality, I’ve done countless online courses from many different platforms and individuals but the courses produced by Ritesh and Augmented Startups are the best Computer Vision courses you’ll find. Their project ideas are extremely innovative, and they’re always implementing the latest state-of-the-art algorithms, so it’s no surprise that their models achieve elite results. My favorite project was the Heart Rate Detection and which achieved amazing FPS which is a testament to the quality of their code. I just enrolled in their YOLO+ course and I look forward to enrolling in future courses their team creates too.

Thank you, Ritesh, and Augmented Startups, all the best ūüėä


Emmanuel Oluga

Medical Design Innovations Lab at UTSA

Ritesh is truly one of the most Intelligent and resourceful Individuals I have ever met and collaborated on activities with. He is always enthusiastic about taking on challenges and providing actionable and effective solutions, whether it be in the field of Computer Vision, graphics, and Machine learning for practical applications or it is in any other field where an innovative approach to problem-solving is Indispensable. Most impressive and inspirational are his Communication, Interpersonal, and leadership skills that accentuate his technical expertise in the fields of Al and ML for Machine vision applications. These qualitative and quantitative skills and traits he possesses, position him well to thrive in any endeavor and environment.


Your Coach in AI

Ritesh Kanjee

  • 71k Students Augmented Startups

  • M(Eng.) Electronic University of Joburg


What's Included?

  • The AI content generation app

  • Full customizable Python source code

  • Ongoing updates & upgrades via private Github repo (up to 1 year)

  • Video Installation Instructions

  • Detailed Documentation (Arriving before 30th June )

  • VIP Installation tech support (1 hour)

  • Access to inner-circle private WhatsApp group


Prices increases in:









AI Content Generation App



  • Augmented AI Content Generation App + Python Source Code

  • 1 Year of updates via private Github

  • 3 Months of Support

  • LIFETIME ACCESS to the code.

  • VIP Technical Support via Chat & Remote Desktop

  • 1 x 30-Minute Private¬†1-on-1 Coaching Session with Ritesh Kanjee

  • WhatsApp, Discord & Facebook Community

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