Car Counting DEMO app using YOLO v4

Dec 03, 2020

DEMO of a Car counting App using YOLOv4.

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Hey guys and welcome back, so in the last lecture we created a social distancing app which was relatively complex. Today we we’ll develop a simple car counting app, that will take in a bunch of images and output the number of cars present within the image.

Why is this app is important, well because when creating applications, we would at some point like to analyze and quantify objects in the image so that we can utilize this information to make important decisions.

So this app is useful not only counting cars, but counting just about anything. Say if you have a drone and you need to count the number of crops in a field, or people in an area for security applications or even counting cars for traffic quantification. The possibilities are endless.

In this app, we are using images instead of video in this lecture as the application does not have to be real time and for demonstration purposes but the code can easily be used for videos like how we did in the social distancing app.


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