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Competency Gap in AI.

The AI industry is evolving rapidly,  creating a gap between the knowledge that professionals possess & the cutting-edge expertise that is now required.

Professionals, like yourself risk falling behind as new technologies like LLMs, Computer Vision, Edge AI & Generative AI redefine the landscape.

This creates a knowledge gap that can lead to missed opportunities & diminished market competitiveness.

The Cost of Stagnation in AI

In the fast-moving AI space, staying current is critical. Without the latest skills, professionals and businesses risk losing their edge, allowing more up-to-date competitors to surpass them. The urgency to keep up-to-date with these AI advancements is a real concern for anyone not actively engaged in continuous learning.


Don't get left behind...

...In the Race for Innovation and Growth

Augmented AI University offers an evolving learning platform that aligns with the pace of AI innovation. At an affordable subscription cost, members gain access to new, state-of-the-art courses each month.

Our curriculum is crafted to be hands-on and relevant, closing the gap between theoretical knowledge & practical industrial skills in AI.


Augmented AI 


What do industry leaders say about our program?

Emmanuel Oluga

Medical Design Innovations Lab at UTSA

Ritesh is truly one of the most Intelligent and resourceful Individuals I have ever met and collaborated on activities with. He is always enthusiastic about taking on challenges and providing actionable and effective solutions, whether it be in the field of Computer Vision, graphics, and Machine learning for practical applications or it is in any other field where an innovative approach to problem-solving is Indispensable. Most impressive and inspirational are his Communication, Interpersonal, and leadership skills that accentuate his technical expertise in the fields of Al and ML for Machine vision applications. These qualitative and quantitative skills and traits he possesses, position him well to thrive in any endeavor and environment.


Christopher Berry

Data Scientist at Alfred Health

You won't find courses with higher quality, I’ve done countless online courses from many different platforms and individuals but the courses produced by Ritesh and Augmented Startups are the best Computer Vision courses you’ll find. Their project ideas are extremely innovative, and they’re always implementing the latest state-of-the-art algorithms, so it’s no surprise that their models achieve elite results. My favorite project was the Heart Rate Detection and which achieved amazing FPS which is a testament to the quality of their code. I really respect the quality of their online support too, they always got straight back to me with the answers when I had some questions on one of the course modules I was doing. I also like the good little online community of people they have established, this helps breed new innovative ideas and inspires you to work harder and let your creativity flow. I just enrolled in their YOLO+ course and I look forward to enrolling in future courses their team creates too.

Thank you, Ritesh, and Augmented Startups, all the best ūüėä


Constantin Shafranski

Data Scientist at Cognyte

As someone who has not yet dealt with image segmentation, I found this course to be quite helpful. It emphasizes the background theory appropriately, which I believe is quite crucial to get some idea of the topic and not "dive" straight into the coding part without actually understanding how things should operate. In addition, the course is designed in such a way that even someone who is not an expert AI coder may follow along without wondering "what the F* is going on here?". The instructions are clear, and the information is well-organized. A lot of the information regarding the entire process of building and preprocessing a custom dataset is also applicable to a variety of different tasks in the image domain, thus the course is also a very valuable source of reference.


We have worked with :

With Augmented AI University, you'll dive deep into the heart of innovation, gaining mastery over cutting-edge techniques that set you apart.

If you're fueled by passion and aspire to be at the forefront of A.I., our program is not just an education‚ÄĒit's your launchpad to extraordinary achievements.


Join us, and together, let's turn your AI ambition into a expertise.

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The Program

What you will learn?

Full Curriculum

Section 1

Large-Language Models 


Projects that you will code.


Financial Advisor Chatbot

Crop Disease Identification

Medical Chatbot

Weather Dashboard

Soil Quality Analysis


Section 2

Computer Vision

Code 50+ AI-CV projects

Pose Estimation

Full-Stack Apps

Social Distancing


Apples Center-Stage

Text Detection & OCR

Push Up Counter

Hard Hat Detection

Card Counting

Car Trajectory

Mask Detection

Parking Space 



Plates Recognition

Lane Detection

Intrusion Detection


Section 3

AI in Finance 

Build Advanced Trading Bots

With Large Language Models


Technical Analysis

Trading Chatbot

Stock Forcasting

Stock Analysis

Accurate Stock Prediction


Section 4

Edge AI

From Simulation to Real-World Small-Scale Model Implementation

Develop Autonomous Vehicle Applications

Jetbot Physical Implementation

AI Assistant for Engine Handling

AI Assistant for Engine Handling


Section 5

Generative AI

Generate the State-of-the-ART 

From super-resolution, to animation as well as style transfer.

Become your own Super-Hero with Generative AI.

Image 1 Image 2 Image 4 Image 5 Image 6 Image 1 https://kajabi-storefronts-production.kajabi-cdn.com/kajabi-storefronts-production/file-uploads/themes/2151476941/settings_images/ef475ca-e564-15e4-a8bb-c10805104bd_a_portrait_of_subject_wit-3728926.png Image 9 Image 10 Image 11 Image 12

Or Generate your own AI Influencer

AI Assistant for Engine Handling

Build these Apps.

Learn More

500+ AI Tutorials

300 Hours+ Content

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Unlock your future with Augmented AI University, lead innovation, and shape tomorrow, transform¬†your potential into real practical skills. Your extraordinary future awaits‚ÄĒgrasp it now!


Once you complete the course, you will graduate with an Official Certificate embedded with a unique ID that you can share on LinkedIn.

Your Instructor

Ritesh Kanjee

  • 114k+ Subscribers¬†¬†YouTube

  • 71k Students¬†Augmented Startups

  • M(Eng.) Electronic¬†University of Joburg

We've Worked with...


Altium Designer


What do we love about this program?

Sean Kelly

Co-Founder and CTO Anisoptera

Without a doubt, the best content for computer vision I have worked through is detailed but simple. An actual step-by-step guide that provides a sound understanding of the underlying technology. Ritesh provides his content in a fun clear way and has built an excellent community of passionate people around him.


Tim Goebel

CEO | Iconic AI

This course is very informative. There is so much in the course that you can use a lot of it in real world. The main reason I wanted to take it was cause trails. I see many areas to use trails at. I recommend if you haven't taken it, you should.


Dragos Stan

CEO Business-data Systems Romania

YOLOR was and is the best practical course I could have chosen in Computer Vision. Not only did I learn the intricacies of training and using the model but also got a good experience and grip on developing my own sophisticated models based on detection, tracking, streamlit dashboard! Big thanks to Ritesh ( a very gifted trainer ) & Team for such a great job!


Whats Included?

One-on-one Personal Coaching

Exclusive to the Elite Plan: Get 2 private coaching sessions or mentorship with Ritesh Kanjee, a leading expert in computer vision, each 15 minutes long.

Monthly A.I. Challenges

Gain new skills in our Inner Circle with additional monthly projects & challenges that provide hands-on experience applying your A.I. knowledge in creative ways, expanding your expertise beyond the course material.

VIP Tech Support - Fast Assistance

Get fast and reliable technical assistance with VIP Tech Support. Our expert technicians are available 24/7 to solve any issues, ensuring that your code runs smoothly and hassle-free.

AI Internship Opportunities

Augmented Startups offers internships and apprenticeships to launch your career in AI. Gain hands-on experience and real-world skills to succeed in this growing industry.










Augmented A.I. Nano University



  • Computer Vision Foundations
  • ChatGPT Pro Course
  • AI in Agriculture Nano Course
  • LangChain¬†Nano Course
  • AI in Trading Nano¬†Course
  • YOLO-NAS & v8 Nano Course
  • AI Influencer Nano Course
  • Jetson Computer Vision Nano
  • U-Net Segmentation Nano
  • Self-Driving Car Nano
  • Jarvis-GPT¬†Nano

[Subscription Valued @ $392]


Augmented A.I. Mini University

$14.9 p/m

Paid Yearly

  • Computer Vision Foundations
  • ChatGPT Pro Course
  • AI in Agriculture Pro Course
  • AI in¬†Trading¬†Pro Course¬†
  • LangChain Pro Course
  • AI Influencer Pro Course
  • YOLO-NAS & v8 Ultra Course
  • Jetson Computer Vision
  • U-Net Segmentation
  • YOLOv7 Full Stack Pro
  • GANs Pro Course
  • Siam Mask Pro
  • Self-Driving Car Pro
  • OpenCV AI Kit
  • Jarvis-GPT

  • YEARLY¬†ACCESS¬†to¬†Courses + 1 new course quarterly

  • ACCESS Anywhere, Anytime¬†on the Web or through the¬†Kajabi¬†app (iOS & Android)¬†

  • Technical Support

[Subscription Valued @ $1499] 


ūüĒ•Augmented A.I. ProūüĒ• University

$24.9 p/m

Paid Yearly

  • Computer Vision Foundations
  • ChatGPT Pro Course
  • AI in Agriculture Pro Course
  • AI in¬†Trading¬†Pro Course¬†
  • LangChain Pro Course
  • AI Influencer Pro Course
  • YOLO-NAS & v8 Ultra Course
  • Jetson Computer Vision
  • U-Net Segmentation
  • YOLOv7 Full Stack Pro
  • GANs Pro Course
  • Siam Mask Pro
  • Self-Driving Car Pro
  • OpenCV AI Kit
  • Jarvis-GPT

  • YEARLY¬†ACCESS¬†to¬†ALL Courses + 1 new course¬†monthly

  • ACCESS Anywhere, Anytime¬†on the Web or through the¬†Kajabi¬†app (iOS & Android)¬†

  • VIP Technical Support¬†via Chat

  • Certificate¬†of Completion on all courses

[Subscription Valued @ $2999]


Our Guarantee

If for whatever reason, you are not happy, we will refund you your remaining months.

Let's say 3 months have passed and you're either too swamped or not reaping the expected benefits from Augmented AI University - we'll refund the remaining 9 months, no questions asked.


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When it comes to being an innovator and visionary leader and your future, you have three options: do nothing, stay the same, or progress. By enrolling in Augmented AI University, you can shape the future.

So, don't wait - invest in yourself and join our community of learners and experts today. With our program, you can take a bold and exciting step towards a brighter, more fulfilling future.