Googles AI-Powered 'Dermatology Assist' can Detect Various Skin Conditions

ai ai in computer vision android artificial intelligence computer vision google google io May 19, 2021
Dermatology Assist

The AI-powered tool, which Google calls "Dermatology Assist", will be able to detect the signs of various skin conditions.

During its I/O 2021 event, Google revealed a new AI-powered tool that will help people with skin conditions get more information about their condition. You can also take photos of your skin, hair, and nails to get an idea of how much skin damage is happening to your body.

The AI model takes into account the information you provided and matches it with a list of possible matches. The algorithm is built on a combination of photos and videos from Google's search results. It will then create a personalized answer to each query.

With this tool, Google is trying to help people keep track of their skin, hair, and nails. It's an admirable endeavor that shows how tech companies can help improve our health.

Unlike other health tech apps, it's not meant to replace a doctor's visit but instead, it's designed to give you more detailed information about your condition and health.

Aside from the two new tools, Google also launched a deep learning system that can help identify potential tuberculosis patients. The AI-powered tool works by analyzing a person's chest X-rays. With the TB model, Google took into account the ethnicities and race of people who have been diagnosed with the illness. It could help save up to 80% of the cost of testing for the bacteria.

Google will launch its tuberculosis screening tool later this year and its dermatology assist tool in Q3 2021.

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