How to make a Glass Hologram - Project Smart Glass Phase 1

Dec 02, 2020

Want to make your own Glass Holograms using a Projector? Then check out my Project Smart Glass Tutorial Series.

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Hey guys and welcome back, today Im going to show you how you can create your own Glass holograms in this new Series called Project Smart Glass. So, in this series we are not only going to just be creating these really cool holograms [Demo video butterfly] but we’re also going to try and fuse Artificial intelligence and computer vision into the mix to create some really cool applications.


So Ritz why are you doing this, can’t you just do your normal Vuforia tutorial hmm? – Umm how about noo.... :P

So, I want to try something a bit different, something that has not been done quite that often. I want to test what would happen, if we lived in a world where transparent displays were a reality. What would we do with these glass displays and how would they be different from the devices we have today? What type of experiences would DIY transparent displays allow as we approach the future?

So currently, transparent screens do exist in a form of transparent OLED TV’s from LG, but those are waaay too expensive for us to experiment with. There are currently transparent LCD’s, but their reflectance values are way to high that you end up with a really dark view. After doing a lot of web prowling, I’v concluded that the best and cheapest way to enable this experience is by means of a projector and transparent projector film.

So let me show you how to make a DIY hologram projector on Glass.

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