How to make a Parallax Hologram on Glass - Project Smart Glass Phase 2

Dec 02, 2020

Today Im going to show how to use AI face detection to create your own parallax hologram on glass. Wait, what is a parallax hologram?

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So, a parallax is the difference in the apparent position of an object viewed along two different lines of sight. So, If I have an object in front of me, if I view it from the angle I will see one view and if I shift my perspective to this side I will see a different view of the object. And that is exact effect that we are going to be creating. A parallax hologram is a technique that is generated based on the perspective of the viewer to create the effect of a hologram.

How it works?

So, there are a couple of videos that explain the parallax effect in depth. The one video is from MIT called the full parallax 3D computer generated hologram with occlusion effect using ray casting technique - Really long but worth watching

►MIT Holograms -

The other is by Manic Arts and he talks about the Parallax Effect with respect to Unity Game development. Really great and intuitive explanation.

► Manic Arts -

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