Is YOLO-NAS better than YOLOv8?

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Is YOLO-NAS better than YOLOv8?

As the world of artificial intelligence (AI) continues to evolve, we're seeing new and improved object detection models hit the scene. One such model that's making waves is YOLO-NAS, a cutting-edge foundation model for object detection inspired by YOLOv6 and YOLOv8. In this article, we'll delve into what sets YOLO-NAS apart from its predecessors and explore its incredible potential for revolutionizing the field of object detection.

What is YOLO-NAS?

YOLO-NAS is a groundbreaking foundation model that combines the best features of YOLOv6 and YOLOv8 to deliver a more powerful, accurate, and efficient object detection system. The model's creators have integrated a range of advanced features, such as a novel quantization-friendly block, advanced training scheme, and post-training quantization, making it the go-to choice for data scientists.

Key Features of YOLO-NAS

1. New Quantization-Friendly Block

YOLO-NAS introduces a novel basic block that's tailor-made for quantization. By improving on previous models, the new quantization-friendly block enables more efficient object detection, making it an ideal choice for AI enthusiasts.

2. Advanced Training Scheme

The training process for YOLO-NAS is more advanced than its predecessors, leveraging pre-training on the Object365 dataset, pseudo-labeled data, and knowledge distillation from a pre-trained teacher model. This sophisticated training scheme results in a more accurate and efficient object detection model.

3. Post-Training Quantization (PTQ)

After training, YOLO-NAS is converted to INT8, making it even more efficient. This post-training quantization process allows the model to maintain its accuracy while significantly reducing its computational demands.

4. AutoNac Optimized Architecture

Applying AutoNac to the architecture space results in three final networks, all while using the equivalent GPU time of training just five networks. This optimization leads to a more efficient and powerful object detection model.

5. Pre-trained on Top Datasets

YOLO-NAS comes pre-trained on COCO, Objects365, and Roboflow 100, setting the stage for success in downstream object detection tasks. By being pre-trained on these top datasets, YOLO-NAS is better equipped to handle a variety of object detection challenges.

6. Enhanced Detection of Small Objects

With improved localization accuracy and a higher performance-per-compute ratio, YOLO-NAS is better suited to detecting small objects. This enhancement makes it a valuable tool for a wide range of object detection tasks.

7. Ideal for Real-Time Edge-Device Applications

YOLO-NAS is perfect for real-time edge-device applications, thanks to its efficient architecture and advanced features. This makes it a popular choice for AI enthusiasts looking to implement object detection on the edge.

8. Outperforms Existing YOLO Models

YOLO-NAS significantly outperforms existing YOLO models on the diverse RoboFlow100 (RF100) dataset, following a robust training protocol. This impressive performance highlights the model's potential for various use cases.

Why Choose YOLO-NAS Over YOLOv8?

According to Deci, YOLO-NAS is approximately 0.5 mAP points more accurate and 10-20% faster than equivalent variants of YOLOv8 and YOLOv7. This makes it a superior choice for data scientists looking to improve their object detection capabilities.

Getting Started with YOLO-NAS

Ready to dive into the world of YOLO-NAS and see how it can transform your object detection projects? Head over to the Super Gradients GitHub repo and explore the starter notebook to get hands-on experience with this powerful model. The repository contains all the resources you need to get started with YOLO-NAS and start making a difference in your AI projects.

The Impact of YOLO-NAS on the AI Community

The release of YOLO-NAS is not just another step forward in the world of AI and object detection; it's a giant leap. By combining the best features of YOLOv6 and YOLOv8, YOLO-NAS has managed to create a more accurate and efficient object detection model that surpasses the capabilities of its predecessors.

As the AI community continues to adopt YOLO-NAS, we can expect to see significant improvements in object detection tasks, particularly in real-time edge-device applications. The model's enhanced detection of small objects, improved localization accuracy, and higher performance-per-compute ratio make it a valuable tool for a wide range of use cases.

Moreover, the success of YOLO-NAS serves as a testament to the power of innovation and collaboration in the AI field. By building upon the strengths of previous models and addressing their weaknesses, YOLO-NAS has paved the way for even more advanced and efficient object detection systems in the future.


In conclusion, YOLO-NAS is a game-changer in the realm of object detection, offering significant improvements over existing YOLO models like YOLOv8. With its advanced features, optimized architecture, and superior performance, YOLO-NAS is poised to revolutionize the AI industry and reshape the way we approach object detection tasks.

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