Model Targets in Unity 2020 & Vuforia 8

ar augmented reality vuforia Apr 14, 2020

Have you ever tried searching for a tutorial on Vuforia's really cool technology called Model Targets?

Have you found anything as yet?

Well… that is why I'm writing this email to you, as I have just released the only Model Targets Full AR Tutorial. To check out the complete video on Model Targets in Unity 2020 and Vuforia 8 then click right HERE

For those who are scratching your heads, wondering what the #*&! is model targets are…then let me briefly explain…

So model targets is sort of like 3D object detection. You can train a model for Augmented Reality using the Vuforia Model Generator application which uses Deep Learning, to extract features from 3D CAD models on your PC.

From this model, it detects the object and then implements Vuforia's !!Top Secret!!, cough…uhm, I mean propriety algorithms for tracking in AR. Check out my video to learn more – Click Here.

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