Project EDITH Phase 5 - AI Voice Assistant with Internet of Things - AI + IoT + AR [DEMO]

Dec 02, 2020

Want to know how to combine AI with the Internet of Things and Augmented Reality (AI+IoT+AR)? Then check out this video demo of how we made this possible.

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Hey guys and welcome back and happy 2020. So what you just seen was a fusion of an AI voice assistant with Internet of Things and Augmented Reality. So what’s really cool about this solution is that we didn’t have do any hardware hacking or Arduino development…why well its because I was able to connect with almost any commercial of the shelf IoT smart home device. The heater that I switched on and off was connected using a Sonoff smart switch which are inexpensive and widely available from online retailers. The LED strip is from Magic Hue which I got off amazon, I’l have a link to both these devices in the link down below

▶ Sonoff Smart Switch -

▶ Magic Light Strip -

But Ritesh, you got these two totally different devices, how did you magically connect them to Unity, which does not have any function for IoT what so ever? Im glad you asked, I used the IFTTT service as the interface between the two. Using an integration known as Webhooks, which uses the REST API, I was able to establish a link between Unity and the IFTTT service. And then to establish a link to the Sonoff device, I used their Ewelink service. Remember for this to work, you will need a smart home device that is already integrated with the IFTTT service.

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