Tut#3 - How to Install and Run SiamMask

Dec 03, 2020

Hey guys, in the last 2 lectures we discussed what SiamMask is and how it works from our literature review of SiamMask Paper. Today we are going to learn how to setup the dependencies and run SiamMask on your Own PC.

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For all you the newcomers Siam Mask can be used it to track the mask segmentations of an object with state-of-the-art performance in terms of robustness, accuracy and in realtime.

So Dr. Humera will be showing you, what you’ll need, how to setup the environment on your PC and running the SiamMask Demo.

Humera will be your instructor for not only this tutorial series but also for the Comprehensive Siam Mask Course which you can find at the link down below Arrow point down]. This course deals with Implementation, dataset preparation as well as training and test for your own applications. Check it out.

So here is Humera with the Siam Mask Implementation– Also Please like and comment if you would like to see more Siam Mask Tutorials

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