Vuforia 8 Major Updates - Model Targets using Deep Learning, VISLAM and more..

Dec 02, 2020

What to learn how to whats new in Vuforia 8? Then check this video on the latest upgrades to Vuforia

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▶Internet Of Things in Augmented Reality (IoTAR)

▶ARCore MasterClass

Hey guys and welcome back. So this lecture will just be brief lecture, where we talk about the latest features and updates to Vuforia version 8. So the noteworthy points worth mentioning are:

- Model Targets with Deep Learning as well as Generator Enhancements for Model Targets

- Recognize multiple objects, from multiple angles, instantly. and

- VISLAM for markerless AR.

Let’s take a look at each one in a bit more detail.

So Model Targets is one of Vuforia Engine’s coolest features, which allows developers to use objects as targets for their AR applications rather than just plain ol boring images. So version 8 of the Vuforia Engine provides us with the option to train models using Deep Learning for instant and automatic object recognition, which I think I think is really cool. So, this intelligence enables us to use multiple models in a single application scene, switching seamlessly between each experience, and to have those models be recognized from multiple angles.

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