Vuforia Model Targets Tutorial in Unity 2020.1 - Iron Man AR Car Detection

Dec 02, 2020

The best tutorial on Vuforia Model Targets in the latest Vuforia 8 and Unity 2020. Learn how to detect 3D objects in Augmented Reality (AR) using Model Targets?

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Hey guys and welcome back. So, today we will be trying to recreate a scene from Iron man 1 where Tony Stark first tries on his iron man suit and scans his surroundings. In this scanning sequence he scans in objects in his workshop, as well some of his awesome sports cars

We will try and replicate the sports car scene by scanning model cars [Demo- I am currently busy with this] without the use of a marker or image target. But Ritz how do establish our Augmented Reality functionality without a marker?

Well, we use a markerless AR feature using Vuforia Model Targets for detection and tracking. We spoke about Model Targets in an earlier lecture on Vuforia 8 Updates. Essentially, we spoke about how the old version of Model Targets, where you had to laboriously and manually scan each and every object using an object scanning app. This involved placing your object on a marker template which would assist with tracking the pose of the object whilst you scanned it I wont lie, it was quite a pain in the Butt, and depending on your lighting conditions, it may not work in some cases.

Now with the New version of model Targets, I must say, the process has been greatly streamlined. Instead of manually scanning the object, you just need to upload its CAD or 3D model to the Model Target Generator and through the power of Deep learning , you have target that can be uploaded into Vuforia for detection . Simple Right? So lets get into it.

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