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Why Build Jarvis?

Tony Stark isn't the only one who could use an AI assistant. Jarvis can come in handy in a lot of ways.

Why Build Jarvis?

Tony Stark isn't the only one who could use an AI assistant. Jarvis can come in handy in a lot of ways.

The Dilemma

Building Jarvis wasn't easy. It’s been a crazy journey of trial & error and bugs. Integrating multiple AI-enabled technologies was harder said than done.

The Dilemma

Even though I believed it was possible, building Jarvis wasn't easy. It’s been a crazy journey of ups and downs (bugs). Integrating multiple AI-enabled technologies is harder said than done.

It seemed impossible but with the rise of LLMs like ChatGPT-4 Turbo & LLaMa 3, the thought of creating my own Jarvis went from science fiction into reality.

It seemed impossible but with the rise of LLMs like chatGPT 4 turbo and LLama 3, the thought of creating my own jarvis went from science fiction into reality.

The Solution

Enter the 

Jarvis-GPT Course

With Augmented A.I., learn to build your own Jarvis using LLM's, IoT in Python, & design your Jarvis Assistant.

Discover how to build and configure an advanced AI system with our Jarvis GPT course, covering everything from hardware setup and software configuration to practical applications and future potential.

Check out what you will learn in this course: 

Module 1: Introduction and Project Overview

  • 1.1: High-level Project Overview
  • 1.2: Why Are We Building This?
  • 1.3:¬†Applications

Module 2: Hardware Setup

Module 3: Software Configuration

  • 3.1: Raspberry Pi Setup
  • 3.2: Installing Dependencies
  • 3.3: Creating Code Modules: Writing scripts for various functionalities
  • Final Demo

Module 4: Future Potential and Conclusion

  • 4.1: Future Potential
  • 4.2: Further Resources
Computer Vision course

Module 1

Introduction and Project Overview

  • High-level Project Overview

    • Explanation of the project's concept and functionality.
    • Overview of key components and their interactions.¬†
  • Why Are We Building This?

    • Discuss the motivation behind building a GPT/Voice-controlled Jarvis Helmet.
    • Explore potential benefits and use cases.¬†
  • Applications

    • Discuss potential applications beyond the basic functionality.

Module 2

Hardware Setup

  • Bill of Materials and Resources

    • ¬†List of required hardware
    • ¬†Links to purchase or access components.¬†
  • Hardware Connections

    • Detailed instructions on connecting hardware components to the Raspberry Pi.¬†
    • Explanation of GPIO pin configurations and wiring.¬†

Module 3

Software Configuration

  • Raspberry Pi Setup

    • Step-by-step guide to setting up the Raspberry Pi 4 for the project.
    • Installation of Raspbian OS and initial configuration.
  • Installing Dependencies

    • Instructions for installing required software libraries and packages.
    • Dependencies include libraries for speech recognition, audio processing, and GPIO control.
  • Creating Code Modules: Writing scripts for various functionalities

    • ¬†Voice Recognition
    • ¬†Chatbot Integration
    • ¬†Helmet Control
    • ¬†Wake Word Detection
    • ¬†Voice Generation
    • ¬†Main Control¬†
  • Final Demo

    • ¬†Integration of code modules into a final demo
    • ¬†Testing and troubleshooting the system.¬†

Module 4

Future Potential and Conclusion

  • Future Potential

    • Discussion on potential enhancements and expansions of the project.
    • Ideas for integrating the Jarvis Helmet with smart home
  • Further Resources

    • Introduction to advanced courses or resources for augmented AI development.
    • Recommendations for further learning and exploration.Project Store and Community
    • Links to project repositories or stores for sharing and accessing additional resources.
Full Curriculum

What do industry leaders say about our program?

Ollencio D'Souza

Director at Technologycare

Without direction one would be floundering in an ocean of information - but with a lifeline to help you though it - you can take the ocean on! Great imagination training too (something desperately required in the professional world)!


Kishore G

Senior Software Engineer at GVS

These courses are extremely helpful for us specially when there aren't many relevant tutorials outside. This course is a life saver for beginners. Highly recommend. Subscription model is value for money for Indians . Highly recommend to purchase yolo plus


Tim Goebel

CEO | Iconic AI

This course is very informative. There is so much in the course that you can use a lot of it in real world. The main reason I wanted to take it was cause trails. I see many areas to use trails at. I recommend if you haven't taken it, you should.



5 Hours+ Content

Code + Datasets

Beginner Friendly

Lifetime Access


What do industry leaders say about our program?

Constantin Shafranski

Data Scientist at Cognyte

As someone who has not yet dealt with image segmentation, I found this course to be quite helpful. It emphasizes the background theory appropriately, which I believe is quite crucial to get some idea of the topic and not "dive" straight into the coding part without actually understanding how things should operate. In addition, the course is designed in such a way that even someone who is not an expert AI coder may follow along without wondering "what the F* is going on here?". The instructions are clear, and the information is well-organized. A lot of the information regarding the entire process of building and preprocessing a custom dataset is also applicable to a variety of different tasks in the image domain, thus the course is also a very valuable source of reference.


Christopher Berry

Data Scientist at Alfred Health

You won't find courses with higher quality, I’ve done countless online courses from many different platforms and individuals but the courses produced by Ritesh and Augmented Startups are the best Computer Vision courses you’ll find. Their project ideas are extremely innovative, and they’re always implementing the latest state-of-the-art algorithms, so it’s no surprise that their models achieve elite results. My favorite project was the Heart Rate Detection and which achieved amazing FPS which is a testament to the quality of their code. I just enrolled in their YOLO+ course and I look forward to enrolling in future courses their team creates too.

Thank you, Ritesh, and Augmented Startups, all the best ūüėä


Emmanuel Oluga

Medical Design Innovations Lab at UTSA

Ritesh is truly one of the most Intelligent and resourceful Individuals I have ever met and collaborated on activities with. He is always enthusiastic about taking on challenges and providing actionable and effective solutions, whether it be in the field of Computer Vision, graphics, and Machine learning for practical applications or it is in any other field where an innovative approach to problem-solving is Indispensable. Most impressive and inspirational are his Communication, Interpersonal, and leadership skills that accentuate his technical expertise in the fields of Al and ML for Machine vision applications. These qualitative and quantitative skills and traits he possesses, position him well to thrive in any endeavor and environment.


What's Included?

One-on-one Personal Coaching

Exclusive to the Elite Plan: Get 2 private coaching sessions or mentorship with Ritesh Kanjee, a leading expert in computer vision, each 15 minutes long.

Access to Private Inner Circle

You get access to a private online and Whatsapp community where you can network with other students and industry professionals. Ask questions and get feedback on your projects.

Monthly A.I. Challenges

Gain new skills in our Inner Circle with additional monthly projects & challenges that provide hands-on experience applying your A.I. knowledge in creative ways, expanding your expertise beyond the course material.

VIP Tech Support - Fast Assistance

Get fast and reliable technical assistance with VIP Tech Support. Our expert technicians are available 24/7 to solve any issues, ensuring that your code runs smoothly and hassle-free.

A.I. Internship Opportunities

Augmented Startups offers internships and apprenticeships to launch your career in AI. Gain hands-on experience and real-world skills to succeed in this growing industry.

[Bonus] ChatGPT Prompt Engineering Course

Join the ChatGPT revolution and become an expert prompt engineer with our cutting-edge course. Learn to generate natural language text and automate tasks using AI.

Bonus 1

Retail Heatmaps Flask Application | YOLOv8

Learn how to develop a Retail Heatmaps Flask Application, a software tool that leverages the use of YOLOv8 to analyze and visualize data related to the performance of retail stores. Code Included.


Bonus 2

Waste Detection Flask Application | YOLOv8

A plastic waste detection app is an application designed to detect and identify plastic waste in the environment. The app uses image recognition technology and machine learning algorithms to analyze photos of waste captured



Once you complete the course, you will graduate with an Official Certificate embedded with a unique ID that you can share on LinkedIn.

Your Instructor

Ritesh Kanjee

  • 71k Students Augmented Startups

  • M(Eng.) Electronic University of Joburg



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JarvisGPT Nano Course



  • Module 1:¬†Introduction and Project Overview

    • 1.1: High-level Project Overview
    • 1.2: Why Are We Building This?
    • 1.3:¬†Applications

    Module 2: Hardware Setup

    • 2.1: Bill of Materials and Resources
    • 2.2: Hardware Connections

  • LIFETIME ACCESS to¬†Jarvis-GPT¬†Nano

  • Discord & Facebook Community

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JarvisGPT PRO Course



  • Module 1:¬†Introduction and Project Overview

  • Module 2:¬†Hardware Setup

  • Module 3:¬†Software Configuration

    • 3.1: Raspberry Pi Setup
    • 3.2: Installing Dependencies
    • 3.3: Creating Code Modules: Writing scripts for various functionalities
    • Final Demo
  • Module 4:¬†Future Potential and Conclusion

    • 4.1:¬†Future Potential
    • 4.2:¬†Further Resources

  • LIFETIME ACCESS to Jarvis-GPT¬†Pro

  • VIP Technical Support via Chat¬†

  • 1x 15-Minute Private¬†1-on-1 Coaching Session with Ritesh Kanjee

  • ACCESS Anywhere, Anytime on the Web or through the Kajabi app (iOS & Android)

  • WhatsApp, Discord & Facebook Community

  • Certificate of Completion

  • [Bonus 1]¬†Retail Heatmap Flask Application | YOLOv8
  • [Bonus 2]¬†Waste Detection Flask Application | YOLOv8

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