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OpenCV AI Kit Applications Course

You, are almost there, please fill in the relevant details and develop practical embedded Computer Vision apps using the OpenCV AI Kit and Raspberry Pi. 

What you'll get:

✔ [Tut 1] Introduction to OAK-1 and OAK-D

✔ [Tut 2] Installation of DepthAI on Raspberry Pi

✔ [Tut 3] DepthAI Code Overview

✔ [Tut 4] OAK Model Training and Deployment

✔ [App 1] Raspberry Pi Smart Camera 

✔ [App 2] Social Distance Detection System

✔ [App 3] Mask Detection with Stepper Motor Access Control

✔ [App 4] Raspberry Pi Pan Tilt Tracking

✔ [App 5] Custom Sign Language Detection

✔ [App 7] Drone Control - Upon Request

LIFETIME ACCESS to OpenCV AI Kit Apps + Training Course [$299]

Source Code + GitHub

✔ Technical Support via Chat [$119]

30-minute LIVE Remote Desktop Technical Support [$299]

Augmented AI-CV Discord Community

✔ Certificate of Completion

✔ [Bonus 1] Neural Networks Fundamentals Nano Course [$99]

✔ [Bonus 2] Accelerate Deep Learning on RPi Course [$149]

✔ [Bonus 3] Project EDITH AI Glasses Course [$149]

✔ [Bonus 4] YOLOv3 Object Detection Course [$140]

[Total Value of $1254]


This is perfect for you if:

  • Have been stuck in AI and deep learning and seeing little to no change.
  • Want a high paying job in Computer Vision and earn over $116k per year?
  • Want a distinct edge over your colleagues or competitors. 
  • Are TIRED of wasting time on StackOverflow and with endless debugging.
  • Want a shortcut to learning AI-CV in computer vision and become an expert AI developer.
  • Don't have a lot of time to spend days/weeks debugging your app.
  • Want a fast and easy approach to learning AI-CV and reduce your time to market.



What People Are Saying:

The lecturers to be very competent and they explained all the concepts really well. Im grateful to have this course. Learnt a lot and got a basic understanding of OpenCV AI Kit. I really enjoyed the social distancing and mask detection applications which I guess are relevant to the times we are living in. Thank you!

Garçon (Ex-Apple AI Engineer)

Thank you sir for teaching in an easy an understandable way. Got me up and running with the OpenCV AI Kit quicker than if I'd tried on my own!! Would like to try some custom applications of my own with this device.

Aniket (Computer Vision Specialist Google)

“Amazing Course! Explained the difficult concepts, very well. Also I'm so glad I found your course on OpenCV AI Kit it saved me a lot of time. Thank you!”

Farzad (Facebook Research Engineer)

This was an amazing course! Ritesh is pleasure to listen to. It's a great course to learn how Computer Vision with OAK can be applied for various applications to solve real-world problems. Because of this course I've been able to learn some complex subjects that have challenged me for a long time.

Caron (LinkedIn Datascience Specialist)