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GET: Jetson Nano AI Course with YOLOX which includes:

  • [Module 1] 
    Introduction to Jetson and Course Overview
  • [Module 2] 
    Comparison of Jetson and its variants along with RPi+SD Card Flashing
  • [Module 3] 
    Installing Libraries and Setting up AI Computer - Explain dependencies and their use
  • [Module 4]
    Computer Vision OpenCV Basics on Jetson + Pytorch
  • [Module 5]
    What is Object Detection+Yolo object detection
  • [Module 6]
    Yolo object detection on custom dataset (number plate dataset)
  • [Module 7] 
    What is Tensor RT? Setting up Jetson for TensorRT
  • [Module 8] 
    Optimizing YOLO Model for object detection using TensorRT
  • [Module 9]
    What is DeepStream? DeepStream Theory and how to implement this SDK.
  • [Module 10]
    Running Deepstream SDK and setting up multiple cameras including IP cameras 
  • [Module 11] 
    App 1 - Vehicle Tracking and Counting
  • [Module 12] 
    App 2
    - Automatic Number Plate Recognition on Jetson Nano.
  • [Module 13]
    App 3 - Pose Estimation on Jetson Nano
  • [Module 14] 
    App 4 - Fake face classification on Deep Fakes
  • [Module 15] 
    App 5 - Face Recognition and Attendance - Clock in clock out

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YOLOX Object Detection PRO+Dashboard Course

You, are almost there, please fill in the relevant views and then get really excited to embark on your AI in Computer Vision Journey with YOLOX!

What you'll get:

  • [Module 0] YOLOX Intro + Basics
  • [Module 1] YOLOX Inference 
  • [Module 2] YOLOX Training
  • [Module 3] YOLOX Tracking
  • [Module 4] 4-YOLOX Projects
  • [Module 5] YOLOX Full Stack Computer Vision Dashboard:
    • [Section 1] - Dashboard Fundamentals
    • [Section 2] - User Interface (UI) Planning
    • [Section 3] - HTML Elements
    • [Section 4] - Graphs, Charts & UI Widget
    • [Section 5] - Bootstrap Dash
    • [Section 6] - Layout Design & Styling
    • [Section 7] - Computer Vision Integration
    • [Section 8] - Dash Enhancement
    • [Section 9] - Deploy AI Web-app Solution
    • [Section 10] - Moving Forward with YOLOXDashboards 

  • 10 Roboflow Training Credits


  • Technical Support via Chat 

  • 1x Private 1-on-1 Coaching Session with Ritesh Kanjee

  • ACCESS Anywhere, Anytime on the Web or through the Kajabi app (iOS & Android)

  • WhatsApp, Discord & Facebook Community

  • Certificate of Completion

  • [Bonus 1] Neural Networks Fundamentals Nano Course
  • [Bonus 2] Accelerate Deep Learning on RPi Course 
  • [Bonus 3] Project EDITH AI Glasses Course 
  • [Bonus 4] Face Detection Attendance Project in PyQt (1-hour) 
  • [Bonus 5] YOLOv5 Chess Piece Colab Training and Testing
  • [Bonus 6] OpenCV Computer Vision Course

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This is perfect for you if:

  • Want to be ahead of your Competition - Whether it may be a colleague or contractor.
  • If you are competing for a job, promotion or client. YOLOX will give you the edge over your competitors. 
  • Have been stuck in AI and Computer Vision and seeing little to no change.
  • Are TIRED of wasting time on StackOverflow and with endless debugging.
  • Want a shortcut to learning AI in computer vision and become an expert AI in Computer Vision developer.
  • Don't have a lot of time to spend days/weeks debugging your app.
  • Want a fast and easy approach to learning AI-CV and reduce your time to market.



What People Are Saying:

Mr. Ritesh is one of the most delightful and passionate people I had the pleasure of learning from in my career. Not only does he have a unique ability to deliver concise curriculums for teaching Computer Vision and Deep Learning, but his constant communication and subtleness online in making resources available is beyond words! His ability to deliver materials and exceptional training in the area of practical Computer Vision and Deep Learning is something that will always leave a positive impact. I highly recommend working with Mr. Ritesh.

Clinton Anani - Building the next generation of AI-Powered Food Growers

Thanks for sharing! Thank you to both of you for this cutting-edge course material. To people interested in the course I would highly recommend it, there are so many other fantastic projects/apps in the YOLOR course and the online support was excellent

Chris Berry - Data Scientist at Alfred Health

That's great! I am looking forward to more news from you on that. I have started the YOLOR PRO course and so far I am very satisfied. Thank you for putting it all together

Marita Georganta - CTO of PandionAI - MSc Space Upstream Student

Ritesh is truly one of the most Intelligent and resources Individuals I have ever met and collaborated on activities with. He is always enthusiastic about taking on challenges and providing actionable and effective solutions, whether it be in the field of Computer Vision, graphics, and Machine learning for practical applications, or it is in any other field where an innovative approach to problem-solving is Indispensable. Most impressive and inspirational are his Communication, Interpersonal, and leadership skills that accentuate his technical expertise in the fields of AI and ML for Machine vision applications. These qualitative and quantitative skills and traits he possesses, positions him well to thrive in any endeavour and environment

Emmanuel Oluga - Healthcare | Musculoskeletal Care | Computer Vision | Cloud Native | Graduate Research Assistant at Medical Design Innovations Lab | The University of Texas at San Antonio

Without a doubt the best content for computer vision I have worked through, detailed but simple. An actual step by step guide which provides a sound understanding of the underlying technology. Ritesh provides his content in a fun clear way and has built an excellent community of passionate people around him.

Sean Kelly - Senior D365 Developer at Mint Group

Hi Ritesh, I noticed you've been tagging me in some of your recent posts. Great demos!

Adrian Rosebrock - Former Founder/CEO at PyImageSearch.com

I found out about Ritesh and augmentedstartups.com in august 2021. As a heavy learner I was looking for the best possible resource able to link in a smooth way, the huge volume of information inside Computer Vision field and practical tools to allow me to touch real-life problems. Now after almost 4 months and more than 300 hours of practice inside his models and ideas I can say that Ritesh was born to be a great teacher. His level of know-how/his presentations are very deep and extremely wide, he is kind and funny, a great professional, a bright mind, an unbelievable teacher. I will remain his student regardless of my level of knowledge. For me it is a great honor to be both his friend and his student...

Dragos Stan - CEO within the Consultancy practice of Businessdata Systems Romania

Simply Amazing! Explained the difficult concepts, very well. Also I'm so glad I found your tutorials on YOLOR it saved me a lot of time. Thank you!

Gur Raunaq