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ONE TIME OFFER! Add-on YOLOX Dashboard Bundle to excel your YOLOX Object Detection Skills. We will build the following apps: 

  • [Module 0] YOLOX Intro + Basics
  • [Module 1] YOLOX Inference 
  • [Module 2] YOLOX Training
  • [Module 3] YOLOX Tracking
  • [Module 4] 4-YOLOX Projects
  • [Module 5] YOLOX Full Stack Computer Vision Dashboard:
    • [Section 1] - Dashboard Fundamentals
    • [Section 2] - User Interface (UI) Planning
    • [Section 3] - HTML Elements
    • [Section 4] - Graphs, Charts & UI Widget
    • [Section 5] - Bootstrap Dash
    • [Section 6] - Layout Design & Styling
    • [Section 7] - Computer Vision Integration
    • [Section 8] - Dash Enhancement
    • [Section 9] - Deploy AI Web-app Solution
    • [Section 10] - Moving Forward with YOLOXDashboards 

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You, are almost there, please fill in the relevant views and then get really excited to embark on your AI Journey with Generative Adversarial Networks!

What you'll get:

  • Module 1 - Introduction and an Overview to GANs
  • Module 2 - Vanilla GAN Training Cycle and Basic Building Blocks
  • Module 3 - Implementation of Vanilla GAN
  • Module 4 - Challenges and Basic Building Blocks of GANS
  • Module 5 - Applications of GAN with Implementation
  • Module 6 - Al Based Image Generation

  • LIFETIME ACCESS to GAN Specialization Course PRO

  • Technical Support via Chat

  • ACCESS Anywhere, Anytime on the Web or through the Kajabi app (iOS & Android)

  • WhatsApp, Discord & Facebook Community

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This is perfect for you if:

  • Want to be ahead of your Competition - Whether it may be a colleague
  • If you are competing for a job, promotion or client.
  • U-Net Segmentation Specialization will give you the edge over your competitors. 
  • Have been stuck in AI and Computer Vision and seeing little to no change.
  • Are TIRED of wasting time on StackOverflow and with endless debugging.
  • Want a shortcut to learning AI in computer vision and become an expert AI in Computer Vision developer.
  • Don't have a lot of time to spend days/weeks debugging your app.
  • Want a fast and easy approach to learning AI-CV and reduce your time to market.


What People Are Saying:

Without a doubt, the best content for computer vision I have worked through, is detailed but simple. An actual step-by-step guide which provides a sound understanding of the underlying technology. Ritesh provides his content in a fun clear way and has built an excellent community of passionate people around him.

Sean Kelly | Senior D365 Developer at Mint Group

"That's great! I am looking forward to more news from you on that. I have started the YOLOR PRO course and so far I am very satisfied. Thank you for putting it all together. "

Marita Georganta | Machine Learning Engineer | Space Upstream

“ YOLOR was and is the best practical course I could have chosen in Computer Vision. Not only did I learn the intricacies of training and using the model but also getting a good experience and grip on developing my own sophisticated models based on detection, tracking, streamlit dashboard ! Big thanks to Ritesh ( a very gifted trainer ) & Team for such a great job ! ”

Dragos Stan | CEO Business-data Systems Romania

“ This guy knows his stuff!! There's always so much detail in the course that you need to spend the time going through the lectures carefully - not a course you can just run through. The explanations are clear and the code is very efficient. I've learnt so much. Highly recommended. ”

James Crosbie

Congratulations bro!! Great undertaking... I am a happy user of your courses and you really know what you are doing so well deserved man! 😀

Renzo Valencia Oyarce | Artificial Intelligence for synthetic Biology

This course is very informative. There is so much in the course that you can use a lot of it in real world. The main reason I wanted to take it was cause trails. I see many areas to use trails at. I recommend if you haven't taken it, you should. ”

Tim Goebel | CEO | Iconic AI

Mr. Ritesh is one of the most delightful and passionate people I had the pleasure of learning from in my career. Not only does he have a unique ability to deliver concise curriculums for teaching Computer Vision and Deep Learning, but his constant communication and subtleness online in making resources available is beyond words! His ability to deliver materials and exceptional training in the area of practical Computer Vision and Deep Learning is something that will always leave a positive impact. I highly recommend working with Mr. Ritesh.

Clinton Anani | Building the next generation of AI-Powered Food Growers

Great Course, All the lectures are clearly explained. Great instructor. the support community is also perfect. I recommend this course and the instructor to everyone who wants to take a course or career in AI.

Winfred Antwi | Founder | Atritos

I really loved the YOLOR Course. Really is in-depth and covered everything that I need to know for my project. Thanks, Ritesh!

Gareth Polsk

Thanks for sharing! Thank you to both of you for this cutting-edge course material. To people interested in the course I would highly recommend it, there are so many other fantastic projects/apps in the YOLOR course and the online support was excellent.

Chris Berry | Data Scientist at Alfred Health