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Looking for bespoke solutions that meet your unique AI needs?  We consult and provide customized AI solutions for you and your business. 

When you purchase the premium support package, you will get:

  • Requirements Analysis
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AI in Medical & Healthcare Mini Course

You are almost there! Get really excited to develop applications to revolutionise the Healthcare Industry!

What you'll get:

  • Module 1: Assistant Applications [Included] 
    • Application 1: Personal Health Assistant
    • Application 2: Mental Health Therapist Chatbot
  • Module 2: Detection Applications [Included]
    • Application 3: Missing Medical Tools Detection
    • Application 4: Pneumonia Detection from Chest X-Rays 
    • Application 5: Skin Cancer Detection
    • Application 6: IR Camera Fever Detection
  • Module 3: Classification Applications [Included]
    • Application 7: Brain Tumor Classification using MRI Imagery
    • Application 8: Diabetic Retinopathy Classification using Retina Images
  • Module 4: Prediction Applications [Not Included]
    • Application 9: Heart Disease Prediction
    • Application 10: Diabetes Prediction
    • Application 11: Mortality Prediction for Intensive Care Units
  • Module 5: Segmentation Applications [Not Included]
    • Application 12: Brain Tumor Segmentation using 3D-MRI Imagery
    • Application13: PolyP Segmentation on Multi-Class Images for Gastrointestinal
    • Bonus 1: Cell Nuclei Segmentation Application
  • Module 6: Measurement Applications [Not Included]
    • Application 14: Breathing Rate Monitor
    • Bonus 2: Heart Rate Measurement using YOLOR/v7

  • LIFETIME ACCESS to AI in Medical & Healthcare Mini

  • VIP Technical Support via Chat 

  • ACCESS Anywhere, Anytime on the Web or through the Kajabi app (iOS & Android)

  • WhatsApp, Discord & Facebook Community

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