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ONE TIME OFFER! Add on 18+ YOLOR Apps Bundle to excel your YOLOR Object Detection Skills. We will build the following apps: 

  1. [Module 0] YOLOIntro + Theory
  2. [Module 1] YOLOR Inference 
  3. [Module 2] YOLOR Training
  4. [Module 3] YOLOR Deep Tracking
  5. [Module 4] YOLOStreamLit UI
  6. [Module 5] YOLOApp Development
  7. [Module 6] YOLOR Advanced Projects
    • [Project 1] - License Plate Detection
    • [Project 2] - Lane Detection
    • [Project 3] - Car Counting on Lane
    • [Project 4] - Car Trajectory
    • [Project 5] - Car velocity Calculation
    • [Project 6] - Traffic Counter
    • [Project 7] - Open Parking Space Detection
    • [Project 8] - Mask Detection
    • [Project 9] - Measure Object Size
    • [Project 10] - Drowsiness Detection
    • [Project 11] - Contactless Heart Rate Detection

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Edge AI Bundle

You, are almost there, please fill in the relevant views and then get really excited to embark on your AI Journey with Self Driving Cars!

What you'll get:

Self Driving Car PRO:

      • [Module 1] 
        Introduction to Self-Driving Car
      • [Module 2] 
        Self Driving Car System Design
      • [Module 3] 
        Control Systems
      • [Module 4]
        Computer Vision for Visual Perception
      • [Module 5]
        System Integration

Jetson Computer Vision PRO:

      • [Module 1] 
        Introduction to Jetson and Course Overview
      • [Module 2] 
        Comparison of Jetson and its variants along with RPi+SD Card Flashing
      • [Module 3] 
        Installing Libraries and Setting up AI Computer - Explain dependencies and their use
      • [Module 4]
        Computer Vision OpenCV Basics on Jetson + Pytorch
      • [Module 5]
        What is Object Detection+Yolo object detection
      • [Module 6]
        Yolo object detection on custom dataset (number plate dataset) 
      • [Module 7] 
        What is TensorRT? Setting up Jetson for TensorRT
      • [Module 8] 
        Optimizing YOLO Model for object detection using TensorRT
      • [Module 9]
        What is DeepStream? DeepStream Theory and how people are using it?
      • [Module 10]
        Running Deepstream SDK and setting up multiple cameras including IP cameras 
      • [Module 11] 
        App 1 - Vehicle Detection, Tracking and Counting
      • [Module 12] 
        App 2 - Automatic Number Plate Recognition on Jetson Nano 
      • [Module 13]
        App 3 - PoseEstimation on Jetson Implementation
      • [Module 14] 
        App 4 - Fake face classification for DeepFake Images
      • [Module 15] 
        App 5 - Face Recognition and Attendance - Clock in clock out

      • LIFETIME ACCESS to Self-Driving Cars + Jetson CV PRO

      • Technical Support via Chat

      • ACCESS Anywhere, Anytime on the Web or through the Kajabi app (iOS & Android)

      • WhatsApp, Discord & Facebook Community

      • [Bonus 1] Neural Networks Fundamentals Nano Course
      • [Bonus 2] Accelerate Deep Learning on RPi Course
      • [Bonus 3] Project EDITH AI Glasses Course
      • [Bonus 4] Face Detection Attendance Project in PyQt (1-hour)
      • [Bonus 5] YOLOv5 Chess Piece Colab Training and Testing 
      • [Bonus 6] 5 Hour OpenCV Python Course 

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This is perfect for you if:

      • Want to be ahead of your Competition - Whether it may be a colleague
      • If you are competing for a job, promotion or client.
      • Self Driving Car Specialisation will give you the edge over your competitors. 
      • Have been stuck in AI and Computer Vision and seeing little to no change.
      • Are TIRED of wasting time on StackOverflow and with endless debugging.
      • Want a shortcut to learning AI in computer vision and become an expert AI in Computer Vision developer.
      • Don't have a lot of time to spend days/weeks debugging your app.
      • Want a fast and easy approach to learning AI-CV and reduce your time to market.


What People Are Saying:

Ritesh, was super quick in launching his tutorials on YOLOR haha, Got me up and running YOLOR quicker than if I'd tried on my own!!


The tutorials on YOLOR were simply great! I really enjoyed the older course on YOLOv4 and can be applied for COVID-19 applications. Really looking forward to the upcoming YOLOR course.


Great to have this course. Learnt a lot and got a basic understanding of computer vision and object detection with practical code. Thank you!

Juan Antonio

Simply Amazing! Explained the difficult concepts, very well. Also I'm so glad I found your tutorials on YOLOR it saved me a lot of time. Thank you!

Gur Raunaq