We are Running Out of Food!

Apr 03, 2024

Here's something to think about: experts at theworldcounts.com, warn that by 2050, there might not be enough food for everyone.

Our planet isn't getting any bigger, but every year, more and more people call it home. Every minute, 270 babies are born!

To feed all these people, our farms have to produce more food every year.

But how can we get more food from the same fields using the old ways we've always farmed? It's a tough problem.

Then it hit me – AI might just be the answer we need. It could help us farm smarter and make sure there's enough food for everyone.

But, how can AI improve crop yield and sustainability?

I've discovered that AI has some pretty amazing uses in farming.

Take soil, for instance. AI can check out how good the soil is. Then, farmers can use that info to tweak things just right to make the soil even better for crops.

And then there's the weather. AI can help predict when a dry spell might hit. Knowing that, farmers can plan better.

They can plant at the best times or pick crops that can handle less water, so they don't lose as much when the rain doesn't come.

Fascinating! So, how does it actually work?

I had the same question, and it really stumped me.

I dug deep and found out that AI techniques like machine learning, reinforcement learning, and predictive analytics are used.

By analyzing massive datasets of soil properties, weather, and crop yields, AI algorithms can learn hidden patterns and predict future soil conditions and crop performance.

It's amazing! But, you might be thinking - hang on, it sounds so futuristic.


Learn more here

Is this possible in today’s farming dynamic?

Yes! In fact, global AI in agriculture is projected to reach $4.7 billion by 2028. Farmers are accepting and adopting AI to move toward sustainability.

Okay, but are farmers seeing results like a greater crop yield?

Absolutely! Farmers are seeing the benefits of using AI in their fields.

In India, 7,000 farmers using AI saw an increase in their crop yields by 21%!

On top of that, they ended up using less pesticides and fertilizer, by about 9% and 5% less, respectively.

It's definitely a win for sustainability.

Great! Do I need to be a farmer to do all this?

Not at all. Farmers are the end users.

But, agri-tech entrepreneurs, scientists, students, and, in truth, just about anyone can contribute to AI in agriculture.

I want to help our world be more sustainable. How can I get involved?

Look no further. Our AI in Agriculture course is the perfect place to get started!

By the end of the course, you will be able to build over 15 AI Agri-tech projects such as Nutrient Deficiency Detection systems, Plant Species Recognition tools, Crop Disease Identification apps, Predictive Analytics for Crop Yield, and AI-driven Irrigation Optimization models.

And it's just the beginning...

Our AI in Agriculture course is a part of the Augmented AI University membership.

What is Augmented AI University All About?

Augmented AI University is all about providing cutting-edge industrial AI training.

We offer courses that cover AI technologies such as LLMs, computer vision, ML, and big data - all of which are also covered in our course AI in Agriculture.

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Join us on the adventure to transform agriculture using AI!

By the way, if it took you 5 minutes to read this email, then approximately 1350 babies have already been born 😅👶🏼

Happy Learning.

It could be you, creating an AI solution for a farmer. Here's a sneak peek at a demo from the AI in Agriculture course.

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