Build your Own AI Drone LIVE Workshop Survey

Aug 27, 2021

I’m thinking of teaching a course: “Build your Own Computer Vision Raspberry Pi Drone From Scratch”. I think Drones and their associated technologies have the potential to change the world for the better more than any other technology that’s out there. I’ve become addicted to learning about it. I’ll start with a small beta-cohort(LIVE Session) of students (roughly 100) so I can perfect the material. It will be offered through a new Cohort Based Courses platform called Maven that I’m really excited about and has incredibly inspiring people working on it (such as the former co-founder of Udemy).

The course details are as follows:

  • 3 weeks, 2 times/week, 75 minutes, live with me, and mentors.
  • The course is rooted in real hands on drone building experience with tangible systems and takeaways to immediately level up for less than what we are used to paying to go to an in person workshop and with more impact. 
  • Future course programs will likely run $2500-4000 as they(Maven) evolve and expand, but the first one will be $2000. 
  • Anyone who fills out the form (and/or is a member of the community here) will have access to a $750 ‘thank you’ enrollment fee, instead of the Maven standard admission of $2000.

Now you’re thinking “Ritesh… I’m in high school, I’m a broke ass college student, where t.f. do you think I’m gonna come up with $750, not to mention spending it on taking a course with this guy, talking about drones”. Ok, fair. Yes, very fair. But please, before you rightfully unfollow, block, and report me on all social media platforms I implore you to read my Influencer Apology

  1. All the actual content of the course will be posted for free or for very cheap once the course is complete for self-paced learning if you are really very interested but can’t afford to be part of the live course.
  2. If this beta course goes well, the price will probably increase based on average Maven price ranges as mentioned above for other courses being offered on this platform right now. So this is an “early bird” price.
  3.  Lastly, and most importantly, this course is going to be a very serious endeavor involving a huge time commitment from me (and you). We will be in a small live online classroom together for multiple hours per week and this will very much be a community thing. There will be coaches, Teaching Assistants…the whole deal.


  1. A big part of this will be about building a learning community, motivating each other, and keeping each other accountable to learn about cool new stuff that will have and already has had a positive effect on humanity. Perhaps, I hope, some lifelong friendships will be made as well!!

If you’re interested in this course, here’s an application form (all educational levels welcome):

Although filling this application out isn’t a hard commitment or anything like that from your end, please only fill it out if you think this is something you might actually commit to. I can only accept 100 students so that the course retains a community feeling. I’m also very open to other course topic suggestions. This will probably happen around April-May. Maybe we can push it to summer if it works better for people.

If not, that’s OK, I understand. I realize I’m pricing some (most) of you guys out here and that’s why I’m making this announcement to just my email followers. I’m going to keep making my very computer vision tutorials YouTube and LinkedIn

It might not work out in the end just because in order for this type of thing to work on the Maven platform right now, the price needs to be around this range, which is not conducive to most of you guys who follow me (student aged). And that’s OK if it doesn’t. But I thought I’d throw it out there anyways because I really believe this type of setup (live cohort learning) is the future of how education should and will work.

Otherwise, I guess will just stick to the usual self-paced course on

If you have any questions just respond to this email or Whatsapp me, and I’ll do my very best to reply :)

All the best,

Ritesh Kanjee

Augmented Startups

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