COVID-19 - 5 Ways that AI can be used to Combat the Corona Virus

Dec 02, 2020

Want to learn how AI can be used to combat the Corona Virus a.k.a. COVID-19, then check out my video where I go in depth on how Artificial Intelligence and Data Science is being used for the fight against the Corona Virus.

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Hey guys and welcome back. So today we are going to be talking about the world most trending topic… the Corona Virus and how Artificial Intelligence and Data science can be used to combat it.

This video will discuss the 5 main areas of AI research which are:

[00:00] 0. Introduction

[1:52] 1. Detection or Diagnosis of the disease.

[7:23] 2. Tracking and Analytics of the spread of COVID-19 for Preventative Measures

[10:25] 3. Reduction - Disease Control – How do we physically stop the spread

[12:21] 4. Potential Cures, Treatments and Vaccines

[16:53] 5. And just as important as the disease itself is the halting the spread of Misinformation.

I’m not going to talk about what the disease is, how it works and current statistics because, there are a ton of news outlets, videos and sources that cover this in detail. I will just be focusing on How AI, Deep Learning and Data science is being used to combat COVID 19. Lets see how we can go about Preventing coronavirus with AI.

▶SOURCES/REFERENCES - All sources mentioned in the video are at this link -

There were just too many citations to place into the video description.

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