Is YOLOv9 better than YOLOv8?

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yolov8 vs yolov9


The field of computer vision has witnessed remarkable advancements in recent years, with object detection models playing a pivotal role. Among these models, YOLO (You Only Look Once) stands out for its real-time capabilities and accuracy. In this article, we delve into the comparison between YOLOv9 and YOLOv8, two significant iterations in the YOLO series. Our goal is to provide an informed perspective on which model performs better and under what circumstances.

Understanding YOLO

Before we dive into the comparison, let’s briefly recap what YOLO is all about. YOLO is a single-shot object detection architecture that predicts bounding boxes and class probabilities directly from an input image. It processes the entire image in one forward pass, making it efficient for real-time applications.

YOLOv8: The Underdog with Hidden Gems

YOLOv8 gained popularity for its balance between speed and accuracy. It had faster inference and it maintains real-time performance, making it suitable for applications requiring low latency. YOLOv8 captures a higher proportion of true positives while minimizing false positives effectively. Its precision-recall curve demonstrates its superiority in terms of both precision and recall. YOLOv8 allows fine-tuning on custom datasets. Users can train it on specific object classes relevant to their application.

  1. Segmentation:

    • YOLOv8 surprises us with its instance segmentation capabilities. While YOLOv9 focuses primarily on object detection, YOLOv8 can also segment objects at the pixel level. This feature is invaluable for tasks like semantic segmentation and medical imaging.
  2. Pose Estimation:

    • Pose estimation, often overlooked, is a critical aspect of computer vision. YOLOv8 can estimate the orientation or pose of detected objects. Imagine using it to track yoga poses, analyze sports movements, or enhance augmented reality applications.
  3. YOLO-World:

    • The YOLO-World Model presents a cutting-edge, real-time methodology for Open-Vocabulary Detection tasks. This advancement allows the identification of objects in images using descriptive texts. YOLO-World stands out as a versatile tool for various vision-based applications by substantially reducing computational requirements while maintaining competitive performance.


YOLOv9: Advancements and Accuracy

YOLOv9 builds upon the legacy of previous versions, introducing architectural enhancements. Here’s what sets it apart:

  1. Architectural Improvements:

    • YOLOv9 incorporates advancements like Programmable Gradient Information (PGI) and the Generalized Efficient Layer Aggregation Network (GELAN).
    • PGI prevents data loss during gradient updates, while GELAN optimizes lightweight models through gradient path planning.
    • Through the incorporation of PGI and the adaptable GELAN architecture, YOLOv9 not only boosts the model's learning capabilities but also guarantees the preservation of vital information throughout the detection process. This results in outstanding accuracy and performance.
    • The progress of YOLOv9 is fundamentally centered around tackling the issues arising from information loss in deep neural networks. Its design incorporates the Information Bottleneck Principle and employs Reversible Functions innovatively, ensuring that YOLOv9 sustains both high efficiency and accuracy.
  2. Performance Comparison:

    • YOLOv9 surpasses YOLOv8 in terms of accuracy.
    • Comparative analysis using custom datasets reveals YOLOv9’s distinct performance characteristics.
  3. Variants:

    • YOLOv9 comes in several variants (v9-S, v9-M, v9-C, and v9-E) with varying model sizes and performance trade-offs.
    • Users can choose the variant that best suits their requirements.


While YOLOv8 may demonstrate proficiency in accurately recognizing objects with a high true positive count, it comes with the drawback of potentially detecting non-existent objects, leading to a notable increase in false positive instances. Conversely, YOLOv9 adopts a more conservative approach in its detections, resulting in a lower false positive count. However, this cautious strategy might lead to missing some instances of actual objects, resulting in a higher false negative count. When it comes to recall, YOLOv8 outperforms YOLOv9 by achieving a higher true positive, showcasing its capacity to accurately identify a greater number of instances of objects within the dataset.

Community support plays a crucial role in model development and maintenance. YOLOv8 has a robust community, which has contributed to its stability and reliability. However, YOLOv9 is gaining traction rapidly, with active discussions, bug fixes, and feature requests. The community’s enthusiasm for YOLOv9 bodes well for its future growth.

In the battle of YOLOv9 vs. YOLOv8, the choice depends on specific use cases:

  • YOLOv8:

    • Ideal for real-time object detection scenarios.
    • Faster and more accurate than its predecessors.
    • Robust community support and other capabilities like segmentation, pose and YOLO-World.
  • YOLOv9:

    • Suitable for various applications, including real-time object detection.
    • Architecturally refined for improved accuracy.

In summary, both models have their strengths, and the decision should align with your specific needs but YOLOv8 emerges as the underdog with hidden gems. Its community support, segmentation prowess, pose estimation, and recently introduced YOLO-World give it the upper hand. Whatever you prioritize YOLO continues to evolve, pushing the boundaries of object detection.

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