Magic Leap 2 vs Lenovo Think Reality A3

augmented reality magic leap metaverse Jun 07, 2022
magic leap 2 vs. Lenovo

First Impressions of Magic Leap vs Lenovo Think Reality A3...Hmm, I had the great opportunity of testing out both devices at awe2022. There were many other cool and practical AR Headsets out there, some of which I was not able to test, but from the pool that I tested, the two that stood out were the Think Reality A3 and Magic Leap. So which one is better?

Well before giving my opinion, just a little disclaimer that both devices are still in beta and that the functionality I tested on June 2nd, 2022 at the AWE Convention may not be final and could change closer to their official releases.

So first up, I tested the Lenovo Think Reality A3, where I played a game in which I had to use my wand(smartphone) to attach an AI that was moving around and trying to cast an attack spell back at me. Now I don't know if it was the lighting or what in the convention but the tracking was a bit drifty, so the AI character was shifting a bit. Also, I found it a bit difficult to hit the AI with the controller (That could just be my poor coordination). The other issue I noticed and was the sort of periscope vision where your field of view would cut off on top. I found it a bit distracting when looking just above eye level. The device however had a good form factor and resemble sunglasses which is great!

The Magic Leap 2, on the other hand, I was honestly blown away by! The tracking for one was really great and there were features that I tested that are a game changer! There is a feature called Dynamic Dimming and also a wider field of view like no other I've tested (has loads of potential). I tried out a few demos and the stability of the tracking was great in a low light environment. What is also cool is that it includes eye and hand tracking. Rumour has it that this device will be more affordable but looking forward to the announcement of the final price on release.

Now as I mentioned that both these devices are in beta and what I tested may or may not change but I can't wait to get my hands on both these devices and fully bench test them in terms of Performance and Utility.

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