Satya Mallick Interview - CEO of OpenCV

Dec 03, 2020

So I go an interview with Satya Mallick and we discussed the 20th Anniversary of OpenCV, OAK Kits. Watch this podcast to learn about awesome upcoming developments coming to OpenCV.

►YOLOv4 AI Course -

►Satya's OpenCV Courses -

0:00 - Intro

1:10 - Tell us a bit about yourself, Where are you from?

4:05 - What has your journey looked like?

10:20 - What does your typical day look like?

12:52 - So how did this collaboration happen?

18:19 - When I interviewed him you were on $700k, now its over $1million which is incredible. How does it feel?

24:02 - What new goals are available now?

27:24 - So OpenCV, is celebrating its 20th Anniversary – What does this mean for OpenCV?

31:14 - What are the latest developments that we can expect from OpenCV?

35:05 - What made you start this blog

39:15 - I see that you offer courses also in computer vision – what do you teach in these courses? Who are these courses for?

43:07 - What are your goals for the future.

44:42 - How do people contact you?

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