Vuforia - Augmented Reality Course

Dec 02, 2020

So, you want to be a Vuforia Augmented Reality Developer in Unity 2020.1? Click the link below to learn more!

Vuforia - Augmented Reality Course [Limited Time Discount] ►

You are going to be learning the basics of Vuforia in Unity. Multiple AR Targets, AR video projector, pressing virtual buttons, using Leap Motion in Augmented Reality, Smart Terrain, Ground Plane, Model Targets, VISLAM, Android Deployment!

We cover Vuforia 6, 7 and the latest version 8 in the latest Unity 2020! – No other course online covers this!

My name is Ritesh Kanjee, The Founder of the popular YouTube Channel Augmented Startups , teaching AI, Augmented Reality , IoT to over 61 thousand subscribers, 46 000 students, Masters in Electronic Engineering and travelling around the world . My Online Tutorials are alone one of the most viewed videos, some with over 200 thousand views and you’ll find them ranked number one on YouTube. And I’ve also presented at international conferences and meetups in Computer Vision.

If that’s not enough, we’ll through in a bonus! Heard of my Project EDITH AI Smart Glasses series?

You ‘ll learn

• Face Detection,

• Facial Recognition,

• AI Object Detection,

• JARVIS Voice Assistant! – All without leaving Unity.

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