🚀AI in Trading Course 🤖📈 Pre-Launch - How to Automate your Trades with Cutting-Edge AI.

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AI in Trading Pro Pre-Launch

We're thrilled to announce that the gates are officially open for our anticipated AI in Trading Course pre-launch!

This is the moment to enhance your trading strategies by leveraging the power of AI in Trading. 

From our own initial tests, we've achieved a consistent 12% to 20% ROI per month.

Your results may vary of course, but we'll be reporting our final results which we anticipate to be higher. 

To celebrate this milestone, we're offering a massive 84% discount for all early birds who sign up right away!

Don't miss this exciting opportunity to explore AI in Trading and learn how to build a cutting-edge & intelligent trading bot in Python.

Get started on your AI in Trading journey today, and shape your AI future! Click [here] to pre-order now.

AI in Trading Course

Pre-Order AI in Trading Pro @ Early Bird Prices

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Ready to take a deeper dive into the world of AI in Trading?

We have a comprehensive AI in Trading Mastery Course waiting for you! Here's a taste of what you'll unlock:

  • 📈 Module 1: Introduction to AI in Trading
    • Overview of AI in Financial Markets
    • Python for Trading: Essential Libraries
    • Fundamentals of Trading Bots
    • Risk Management in AI Trading
  • 🤖 Module 2: Building Your First Trading Bot
    • Data Acquisition Techniques
    • Basic Algorithm Design and Testing
    • Backtesting and Performance Analysis 
  • 🕵🏼 Module 3: Trading Analysis Techniques
    • Principles of Fundamental Analysis
    • Technical Analysis: Charts and Indicators
    • Integrating Fundamental and Technical Analysis
  • 🔍 Module 4: Sentiment Analysis in Trading
    • Basics of Market Sentiment Analysis
    • Sentiment Analysis with NLP (LLM)
    • Integrating Sentiment into Trading Strategies 
  • 📚 Module 5: Deep Learning in Financial Markets
    • Introduction to Deep Learning Concepts
    • Time Series Prediction with LSTMs
    • Pattern Recognition with CNNs
    • Anomaly Detection using Auto-encoders
    • Synthetic Data Generation with GANs
  • 📖 Module 6: Reinforcement Learning in Trading
    • Basics of Reinforcement Learning
    • Building RL-based Trading Strategies
    • Advanced RL: DQN and PPO
  • 🏦 Module 7: Leveraging Large Language Models 
    • Introduction to ChatGPT in Finance
    • Developing Custom Financial Bots
    • LLMs for Regulatory Compliance
    • Custom Sources
    • Hybrid Models: LLMs and Traditional AI
  • 📊 Module 8: Optimisation and Yield Maximisation
    • Techniques in Model Optimisation
    • Ablation Studies for Performance Improvement
  • 🌏 Module 9: Best Practices and Real-World Applications
    • Developing Optimal Trading Strategies
    • Switching between Paper Money and Real Money.
    • Comprehensive AI Trading Bot Project
    • Real-World Case Studies and Analysis

And, here's the icing on the cake 🎂:

  • LIFETIME ACCESS to AI in Trading Course
  • VIP Technical Support via Chat
  • 1x 60-minute Private 1-on-1 Coaching Session with me Ritesh Kanjee
  • Access Anywhere web or app.
  • Join our vibrant WhatsApp, Discord & Facebook Community
  • Earn your Certificate of Completion
  • [Bonus 1] Traffic Monitoring Dashboard Course
  • [Bonus 2] YOLOv7 Course
  • [Bonus 3] YOLOR/v7 StreamLit Dashboard Application
  • [Bonus 4] StreetStat Application with Kivy | YOLO

Your journey has just begun, and we can't wait to see where AI in Trading takes you!

Here's to exploring new frontiers in AI, Trading and Large Language Models 🥂

ENROLL in AI in Trading at 84% OFF

🚨Prices are Set to Increase Tonight by $10!!


Ritesh Kanjee | Director

Augmented A.I.

P.S. Tomorrow, I'll be sending you an email titled "Day 1 -The Future of Trading Unveiled: Embracing the AI Revolution!".

Make sure to open it as soon as you see it.





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