Face Mask Detection with YOLOv4 DEMO

Dec 03, 2020

Check out our demo of how we use YOLOv4 for face Mask Detection. To learn how to create your own powerful Mask detector, then check out the link below to enroll.

►YOLOv4 Course - https://augmentedstartups.info/yolov4...

This demo shows a method of building a Face Mask Detector using YOLOv4 (CNN) where we used Python and OpenCV. With further improvements of the model it could be integrated with CCTV live footage or other types cameras to detect and identify people without masks. With the gloom of the prevailing worldwide situation due to COVID-19 pandemic, these a mask detection system would be beneficial for many kind of institutions around the world.

This course was produced in partnership with Geeky Bee AI

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